I believe a film is the amalgamation of various forms of art. A devoted detailed understanding of each form is essential to communicate a message through a film. Such a communication can only be successful if we know what life is. I have been involved with art ever since my childhood - performing on stage, writing plays, painting, photography and a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Films. Then I learned to amalgamate all these forms into a film for my masters. Now I am on a journey to explore more about the second element, life. After working with social development organization I-INDIA, helping children in need, I came close to life.

Looking at young children with a genuine smile under the plastic tent as their roof taught me a lot. From India to New York, everywhere, every face and every moment have marked a note on this journey and I am learning. I personally feel treatment is not in medicines but it comes from the comfort and moments of joy someone can give. On a personal note, I am walking towards the brightest golden dawn - a state where my knowledge, education, vision and ability to execute can enlighten or bring back a smile. Towards the golden dawn!